Welcome to Grassroots Propaganda. Enter Lauren, a twenty-something adventurer and lit grad with a penchant for books, old sepia photos and unusual tea infusions. My addiction to change and travel dictates where home is. Mountains and books are my jam, as both constantly remind me of my own transience in a big way, and this is my favourite refuge.

I love to write and aim to make a concrete(ish) habit out of it. I hope to share lovingly articulated tales of my travels; reviews of books that I like and books that I don’t; and occasional musings on the evolving spectacle of popular culture, with which I am currently vaguely enthralled. (Read: frequently scrolls Trump’s Twitter feed in varying degrees of trepidation and incredulity and finds hilarity and solace in Julie Houts’ hysterically accurate caricatures depicting the skewed state of modern life.)

If you share my delight in any or all of these things, and equally if you do not, you are cordially invited to peruse at your leisure.

Autumn shelves, autumn shoes
Autumnal shelves: a visual representation of the short person’s library struggle